Contagious I/O: A Tale of Two Platforms

Contagious is the leading resource for the creative marketing industry - a provider of hot-off-the-press insights, dynamic events and unrivaled consultancy for marketers seeking a competitive edge.

After Clock recently redesigned and rebuilt the entire site - which ended up being nominated in the DADI awards for Best Web Design - it quickly became apparent that there was a need to also reimagine their renowned intelligence platform, Contagious I/O, to maintain this sharp, fresh look and feel that could be identified throughout the brand.

The I/O platform exists for brands and agencies who rely on its key insider information to keep up to date with the latest and best work, as well as marketing trends, in the industry. For a site that provides unparalleled insight into how top brands are driving innovation through creativity, an essential requirement was an extensive functionality set, to allow for ever-changing content, in turn creating a go-to platform that always feels fresh. In addition to highly intuitive functionality for its editors, the visuals needed to be uncompromisingly bold and impactful in order to entice a user group who work daily in one of the most creative and vibrant fields.

By comparison of the brands and marketers it works so closely with, the previous I/O platform had become outdated, siloed and no longer fit for purpose, especially in the wake of the mothership site’s award-nominated rebuild.
Clock were tasked with taking on the rebuild process to give the platform a bit of a facelift...

2 Become 1 (Spice Girls, 1995)

Originally sitting completely separate from the main site, our vision was to rebuild the I/O platform from the ground up and integrate it into the main site, thereby negating the need for two separate websites and removing a cumbersome, unnecessary extra step for the user.

The I/O platform could then be fitted seamlessly into the brand-new membership checkout journey on, allowing users to not only discover the great work that Contagious do and the value they provide but to now also purchase a membership and access their intelligence platform, all within a few swift clicks.

The re-platforming has not just streamlined the overall customer journey but has also presented the Clock CMS (used at the heart of with a new opportunity to flex its muscles and once again become the central, powerful tool for the Contagious team to handle customer onboarding and content creation.

Editors can now simultaneously create and publish key content for both their insight platform and brochure site, all from within the same CMS, where the Customer Experience team can also track and handle the onboarding and permissions of new users and organisations, achieving high workflow efficiencies.


As this is a members-only network, we are only able to show you a sneak peek of the material you can find on I/O…However, if the sound of all these perks is tickling your fancy then why not get in touch with one of the Contagious team to enquire about a membership today?

Testimonial from Emily Read, Head of Digital and Marketing Operations at Contagious
“After working with Clock on we knew that rebuilding our membership platform would be much more complex in comparison - we were certainly right! I’m yet to find a challenge that their tech team can’t overcome, handling very complex issues with confidence and offering up solutions to any problems and new requests we throw their way. The Clock team feel very much part of the Contagious family, working alongside us to plan and execute ideas that will help the digital side of our business progress.”

6 months on...

Since the launch of the I/O platform in October 2019, we have noticed various improvements from a user engagement perspective; notably a 57% growth in sessions and a 138.6% increase in session duration. We are continuing to monitor user interaction and are working closely with the Contagious team to evolve the platform in line with the ever-changing needs of their customers, to ensure that innovative insight remains at their fingertips.

If you would like to discuss how we can boost your engagement and help with evolving your site's needs, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch. ​

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