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As one of the UK’s premium news brands, The Telegraph had an existing platform to manage its loyalty programme - known at the time as “Subscriber Awards’, however it was lacking engagement as a result of poor usability. The aim of the project was to reimagine and replatform the entire programme - under the name Telegraph Extra - in order to increase engagement and bolster retention rates amongst subscribers. Users wanted a better experience, with improved ease of participation and better discoverability. Moreover, The Telegraph wanted to establish its loyalty proposition as an integral part of acquisition and retention within the business.  


Harnessing our extensive experience of building loyalty platforms for publishers, and working collaboratively with the Telegraph team, Clock implemented a brand new design with an intuitive, customised content management system (CMS). The CMS enabled the Telegraph team to simply manage the content and offers on the site, deploying a number of redemption mechanisms including:

  • Competitions - multiple choice
  • Events - registration
  • Offers - unique codes, affiliate links, free text, umbrella offers

The user experience was vastly improved, with log-in entirely reworked so that subscribers could successfully move between different Telegraph platforms with ease - a major improvement on the previous user journey. Clock also implemented one-click redemption mechanisms and integrated with third parties such as SquadUp for events management to create a seamless experience that improved engagement.

More recently, as part of a new strategic drive to elevate customer experience further and reward subscriber loyalty based on length of tenure, we reconfigured the platform to enable the Telegraph team to implement tiering, offering subscriber cohorts to access even better offers and rewards. 


The relaunch of Telegraph Extra resulted in a huge increase in satisfaction from subscribers using the new platform. There was a 50% increase in users deeming the new platform easy to use versus the previous version, and 84% of subscribers viewing Telegraph Extra as very/quite appealing.

“Within the first week of launch we'd significantly increased the proportion of subscribers engaging with our loyalty programme and improved our conversion rates.
Communication with Clock is always light and enjoyable - which makes working together really fun as well as highly effective. Everyone that I have worked with is exceptionally talented and hugely personable - a brilliant culture. I'm really looking forward to this being the start of a very long-term partnership.”

Debbie Stevens, Director Of Loyalty and Retention Marketing

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