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Global Technology and Innovation Company

At Clock we make really imaginative digital stuff, for ambitious clients who expect more from technology.
We’re not tied to a particular tech or platform. Instead we start with a challenge, and let behavioural insight and creativity lead us to the best solution. Then we custom build it for you.
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We Create Digital Experiences’

The solution to a digital challenge is never purely a technological one. It involves improving the entire customer experience.
At Clock we combine creativity and behavioural science with technology in order to explore and improve every aspect of that experience.
This results in a unique yet comprehensive service offering.
Fiercely independent since 1997, we work across a broad range of industries, including global publishing, media, entertainment and video game brands. We also design, develop and build our own products.
Let’s Make Things Interesting.
Clock.labs is our 19th century schoolhouse at Hunton Bridge in Hertfordshire. We use it as a research and development centre and a lot of our technology is built here. Come and visit, or meet us at our offices in Central London.

Some of the Things We Love

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We’re both thinkers and doers - behavioural scientists, creative strategists, and passionate engineers, who know how to build robust, reliable tech, across multiple platforms, and deliver great results.