We Don’t Just Build Tech...We Create Digital Experiences

At Clock we never tackle technology in isolation. We always consider how we can improve the digital experience as a whole.

We do this by combining creativity and behavioural science with technology in order to explore and improve every aspect of the user journey. This enables us to provide users with the most intuitive and immersive experiences imaginable.
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What’s the point of creating new things unless they make life simple, enjoyable, and a lot more effective? Our work is grounded in behavioural science, and the way that people interact with tech in real life. Sometimes the simplest of insights makes all the difference.
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For 25 years, our technology has been homegrown, custom-made and built to last. Sure, you can’t touch the digital stuff we create – but it’s an artisan product, crafted with quality and love. Our products are robust, secure, and thoroughly tested (on humans).
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People are our most precious asset. We care for our staff, and we care for our clients. We believe we have an obligation to support our local community, and to reduce our impact on the world around us. We have no intention to be the biggest company. But we do want to make a difference.

Creative Engineering For A Better World

At Clock it’s super-important that what we do has a positive impact. It gives meaning to our work and leaves everyone involved feeling warm and fuzzy. Sometimes that impact is small. Other times we can all make a huge difference.

This commitment extends far beyond taking pride in well-made products and investing in our clients’ success. We’re committed to B-Corp and employee welfare, and support our local and global communities whenever we can.
Let’s Make Things Interesting.
Clock.labs is our 18th-century Old School House at Hunton Bridge in Hertfordshire. We use it as a research and development centre and a lot of our technology is built here. Come and visit, or meet us at our offices in Central London.