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Allkind Vegan
Allkind Vegan
Providing 100% vegan luxury footwear, Allkind Vegan have made a name for themselves since launching their fashion brand in 2020, and wanted to give their online store a newly-laced redesign to match their statement designer shoe collection.

Glamour’s 2021 best in class vegan shoe brand, Allkind Vegan, required Clock’s development team to collaborate and give their online ecommerce presence a kick, broadening customer expectations.

eCommerce Platforms
There are plenty of options available that come in all shapes and sizes, but using Shopify’s SaaS solution (Software as a Service), a fully hosted and easy to use platform, Clock adapted Allkind’s chosen Shopify theme to update the website-styling using CSS and JavaScript as per the designs.

The new theme enabled Clock’s developers to fill their boots and customise everything from the smallest front-end detail to the site functionality, making it simple to modify all aspects of the website.

New custom components [such as the left-hand side main navigation, newsletter and product categorisation] are just some of the additional features now in place to help enhance the customer experience.

System Sustainability
The placement of products are carefully positioned across the site and more importantly, the homepage - simplifying the click-to-basket journey.

Animated page transitions have been applied to minimise scrolling, whilst visually showcasing this award-winning product range to its fullest.

Kate & Hayley, Founders of Allkind Vegan, said;

We’re super happy with the fabulous new Shopify website that Clock built for us and have seen an increase in sales since it went live that we can only attribute to the lush new look and feel. It’s really hard finding a development partner that care and we highly recommend Clock’s services and intend to work with them on all our future exciting digital projects.

Clock’s skills and experience are adaptable to meet clients specific needs and deliver quality results, whether using our own bespoke approach, or a third-party platform.

If you are interested in exploring eCommerce platforms and require some guidance to help build your own digital store, get in touch

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