When digital and physical worlds collaborate to deliver news to a nation in lockdown

Haily Simms
May 13, 2022
Prior to the chaotic times of COVID-19, Clock was asked by News UK to help build a digital platform to support a campaign to increase print sales of The Times and The Sun. Delivermynewspaper was born, offering free home delivery of national newspapers countrywide.

It's simple...

In 4 easy steps, readers can enter their postcode on www.delivermynewspaper.co.uk to find their nearest home delivery newsagent and receive vouchers for free delivery for a minimum of 6 weeks.

As the platform was built with scalability in mind and harnessing the huge success that News UK were seeing in acquiring new customers across their portfolio of titles, other major UK publishers opted to come aboard. The platform now offers over 20 national titles, from The Daily Mail and The Telegraph, to The Guardian and The i; a title on offer for any taste, delivered free directly to the home.

But crisis strikes...

Little did we all know how much more popular this service could become. Fast forward 3 years and ouch, Coronavirus hits! The UK goes into lockdown. And it becomes more important than ever for the nation to do their bit and stay indoors.

Enter the benefits of all that home news delivery brings.

Marketing efforts went full steam ahead and the site has been heavily promoted through the publishers media channels this week, including TV and radio - with a mention by Chris Evans on Virgin Radio to boot!

Bringing news to the nation...

Readers have become wise to the benefits of staying abreast of the latest news, enjoying the daily social and political commentary, as well as reading up on the latest gossip and even doing a puzzle or two with the family. All from the comfort of home and without the need to leave the house. Something even more important for those feeling particularly isolated at this uncertain time, such as the elderly or infirmed.

As a consequence, delivermynewspaper has experienced a huge surge in sign-ups, which in turn has resulted in thousands of new (and often unknown) customers for our participating publishers; an unprecedented acquisition spike in otherwise unsettling times for the industry.

Despite the unparalleled surge in traffic to the site (a 5,000% increase in page views and 48,000% increase in week-on-week conversions, no less!), the stable backend infrastructure of the site ensured continued smooth running of the platform.

We are pleased to be part of an initiative that is helping the nation to access print titles at a time when news consumption must be from the home and we look forward to the continued success of the platform.