Clock launches two new sites for film industry mainstay, the BBFC.

Suzi Perryman
May 23, 2022
As part of a wider digital transformation project that Clock has been working on with the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), which includes the relaunch of not one but three new digital platforms, we are delighted to announce the launch of the first two instalments of this trilogy: the brand-new BBFC and CBBFC sites.

Part 1: A new screening of CBBFC

Aimed at parents, teachers and students, the new CBBFC site has been completely redesigned and redeveloped to incorporate the recent rebranding of the iconic age ratings symbols as well as new interactive content and features. The new site provides a wealth of PSHE and resources to support teachers heading back to the classroom after the unexpected hiatus of lockdown. An interactive ‘Rate a Trailer’ piece also gives users the opportunity to classify films based on a short clip, helping them to understand the rationale and message behind the BBFC’s trusted ratings information.

Part 2: BBFC reloaded

Aside from being the most trusted source of age ratings and cinematic information for all audio-visual content, the new, visually engaging BBFC site features a preference-led search functionality which allows customers to individually tailor the age-rated content they wish to see. Screen-related insights, including recent changes to consumers’ viewing habits in the wake of a global pandemic, insider case studies and an illuminating podcast which discusses the latest top-rated films can all be found throughout the new platform.

Both platforms are powered by a custom CMS, tailored specifically to BBFC’s workflows and built using cutting-edge technology frameworks such as Next.js and React.js making the sites highly performant.

Part 3: Stay tuned...

More features will be rolled out over the coming months as well as the final instalment of the digital transformation project, the BBFC app, which is set to be the go-to cinema companion for film lovers everywhere. Keep your eyes peeled for its release next month!

Faye Harcourt, Director of Marketing and Outreach at BBFC

"Clock stood out for us at pitch stage, due to the way they approached the brief and their understanding of our brand. They have been a pleasure to work with throughout the project, meeting all our requirements and being extremely flexible with our shifting timelines. They were able to simplify an extremely complex set of data, always placing the user experience at the heart of their thinking.

Relaunching both our BBFC and CBBFC website’s and our BBFC app has been a herculean task and we are thrilled with the results."

Jason Treloar, Commercial Director at Clock

"The culmination of many months of collaborative work for this exciting, digital transformation project, has resulted in Clock proudly launching a vibrant, engaging online experience for one of the most important organisations in the film industry, the BBFC. Great design, considered UX and cutting-edge frameworks such as Next.js and React.js have ensured a platform that will really benefit BBFC and its wide-ranging users alike."