How to educate your children at home with The Week Junior Schools 📚

Beth Gavin
May 16, 2022
Many schools across the UK closed on Friday 20th March following the announcement made by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson last week, resulting in up to 8 million pupils being obliged to stay at home.

In the first countrywide school shutdown in modern British history, the coronavirus has stipulated that teachers and pupils must self-isolate, forcing parents to become teachers overnight, and utilise their kitchen worktops as an alternative study space.

With school-gates to remain closed until further notice and the UK on lockdown, the common question many worried parents are asking is - how to manage their children's education at home amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Whilst learning how to make the perfect cup of tea for a grown up is a crucial life lesson, it's important for kids to keep occupied with homeschooling which can be a big challenge, especially for parents who need to manage their own workload.

To help parents maintain a level of education and normality for their children during this unique time, The Week Junior Schools is a platform that we built for Dennis Publishing and their award-winning magazine The Week Junior, to house educational resources. The site offers an abundance of free lesson plans and pupil resources, with fresh content uploaded regularly by the TWJ education team and available for both parents and teachers.

The downloadable content is categorised by subject to help UK's kids make sense of the world, provide context and clarity to complex issues, whilst improving general knowledge and encouraging discussion.

To join The Week Junior Schools and gain instant access to these educational resources, simply register for free here in seconds!

Please feel free to get in touch If you need any tips, or would find something useful if made available on the site during this outbreak, we would love to hear from you