A News Literacy campaign site for The Wall Street Journal; helping draw the line between news and opinion.

Haily Simms
May 26, 2022
In support of News Literacy Week and as a major media partner, our clients at The Wall Street Journal, wanted to educate their readers on their journalistic principles and how they manifest in their reporting.

It was important for WSJ to demonstrate to their readers and prospects, their commitment to growing news literacy by educating audiences on the difference between their News and Opinion sections and how to read them.

As a longstanding partner of WSJ, having designed and built their subscriber loyalty platform WSJ+, Clock was asked to develop a supporting campaign site that could tell the story of their news literacy principles.

The visual portrayal of the 'line' became the anchor at the heart of the design. This central tenet allowed us to create a level of simplicity, ensuring that a complex message could be delivered clearly.

The HTML, CSS and JavaScript Front-end components were provided to the WSJ team to implement into their WordPress theme so that the site could have a natural home as part of WSJ.com.

The result is not only a very happy client, but a beautifully constructed fully-responsive site that is seamless to navigate and showcases important content in an increasingly cloudy media world.

Check out the site here.