Clock honoured in Clutch's Top 1%

February 7, 2022
Clock makes it into Clutch’s prestigious top 1% of companies honours list.

Clutch, the renowned global directory of client-verified reviews of service providers, has just announced the companies that have made it into their exclusive top 1% of providers listed on their platform. Known as the Clutch 1000, Clock is delighted to have been named within the top 250 globally based on client reviews, client types, experience and services offered as well as brand reputation.

For over 20 years, we have strived to deliver the highest quality of services for our clients who seek custom software design and development. The validation of client reviews through an independent directory such as Clutch is not just a great accolade for Clock but also gives peace of mind to any new client looking to engage with us or any other company listed.

As creative technologists, we look forward to continuing to deliver best-in-class services, validated by our clients! Check out our profile and client reviews here.