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At Clock we make really imaginative digital stuff that works. Our technology shapes companies for the future, and changes peoples’ lives for the better. Fiercely independent since 1997, our agency clients include global sports, publishing and entertainment brands, but we also develop our own products as well.We are a remote-first company. Our clients are global, and so is our team. We hire without borders, and work in the place that feels most comfortable - including the office if you feed off the buzz. The most important thing is that you have everything you need to produce great work. Once in a while you’ll be required to attend important meetings at our London or Hertfordshire offices, but we appreciate that the farther you travel, the more important those meetings should be – and the more warning we need to give you. At Clock people are our only real asset, and so you’re valued accordingly - in a dynamic, nurturing culture that respects your work/life balance.

About the role:

  • If you want to work remotely, in an office or a hybrid of the two while also solving complex technical challenges in a rewarding environment, then this may very well be the job for you! We are hiring Software Engineers to help with existing clients and new business in the gaming, publishing and sports sectors.
  • Our primary tech stack is MERN, although we have a bunch of clients with which we provide different solutions. Every project at Clock is different, we build solutions to fit client needs, even if that means the tech team does something new to deliver things properly.
  • As a software engineer you will be responsible for building either frontend or backend components depending on your skillset. The ideal candidate will also be client friendly, but most importantly, willing to learn and grow with ambitions to become a full stack developer in the future.
  • This role we see as an opportunity to deliver real technical solutions and candidates need the following characteristics to thrive:
  • Fantastic engineering - We are a business that prides itself on building top-notch technical solutions, as such, clean code is good, but being able to work with your team to deliver kick-ass solutions is a must. Communication and technical prowess are key.
  • Client Focus & Delivery - You will create a solid understanding of what working with clients and delivering high quality software looks like, How to work in a fast paced, client focused team, and how to work with that team in an effective way to best deliver success for our clients.
  • Ambition to grow - We are looking for people that want to grow as developers, and we offer clearly defined career paths to that end, we want all of our engineers to grow to become truly phenomenal technologists.

Responsibilities & Requirements:

As a Software Engineer within an agency setting, your main task will be designing & building applications using React & Node.js, but our client requirements fluctuate, and so we expect:

  • You will be working in teams that are building apps, web applications and backend APIs, often with complex moving requirements - you need to be able to deal with uncertainty and technical challenges
  • You will know JavaScript, Typescript or Python and will be expected to write production-ready code (with the help of senior developers where needed)
  • You are familiar with React, or another similar frontend framework, and bonus points if you know a variety of tools and frameworks in the webpack ecosystem
  • Enough knowledge across the full tech stack to be dangerous - knowledge of Docker, some database as well as CI/CD tooling is a must, but you don’t need to be an expert
  • Understanding of testing and how to write reusable, readable code
  • Comfortable working in an agile environment

Company Benefits

  • Equipment of your choice (half of us use Linux, the other half use Mac, while one of us uses Windows 11)
  • We finish at 2pm on Fridays
  • Birthday is a free holiday
  • Profit share bonus annually
  • Remote and flexible working hours
  •

Interview Process

  • Our HR team will conduct an initial conversation to check your eligibility, this may well be through Cord
  • One of our engineering managers will do a general chat with you for culture and skill fit
  • You will have a technical interview, this will be with one of our tech leads, and may be more frontend or backend focused depending on your skillset
  • You will have a 30 minute chat with the CTO
  • You may be invited to have a conversation with the CEO

All of the interviews can be conducted remotely, in person or a hybrid of the two depending on what you prefer. Some may be conducted back-to-back to save time.

If you have any specific requirements in terms of your application, please let us know. We particularly want to ensure that any neurodivergent candidates feel comfortable asking for any flex to support them during the whole process. We will do whatever it takes to ensure an equitable experience for our future team members.

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