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It's a great time to join us!

We're growing our business this year and we need you to be part of it! We work with video game studios, publishers and many other clients to build cutting edge solutions to a wide variety of problems.

Some of the projects we build are highly technical data systems that power some of the worlds largest games, while others are frontend focused tools aimed at solving some of humanities hardest challenges, with a bunch of projects in between.

We don’t limit ourselves to technical delivery, we work with behavioural scientists, data scientists designers and users of all types to build apps, websites, AR/VR experiences and much more.

As we experience continued growth, you will have a unique opportunity to enhance and develop your career working on high profile projects with like-minded and skilled colleagues who are as passionate about providing phenomenal technical solutions.

We are looking for a talented Senior Software Engineer to join our world-class dev team, reporting directly to our Engineering Managers, in an informal, dynamic and supportive environment.You will be joining an established team of developers with varied skill sets and levels of experience, where your specific experience will also have great impact.

What do we do?

Clock is a global technology and innovation company. We make really imaginative digital stuff, for ambitious clients who expect more from technology.

We’re not tied to a particular tech or platform - instead we let client objectives and behavioural insight lead us to the best solution. Then we custom build it. We’re both thinkers and doers - behavioural scientists, creative strategists, and passionate engineers, who know how to build robust, reliable tech, across multiple platforms, and deliver great results.

Fiercely independent since 1997, we work across a broad range of industries, including global publishing, entertainment, and video game brands. We also design, develop, and build our own products. As the line blurs between digital and reality, our solutions shape businesses for the future, and change peoples' lives for the better.

Our clients are global, and so is our team.

  • We hire the best of the best in order to start conversations with clients that are the best in the industry
  • We hire without borders & operate on a remote first basis so that our staff have the opportunity to truly live a balanced work/life lifestyle whilst thoroughly enjoying what you do! (but if you fancy a change of scenery, you are also welcome to come to either our Hertfordshire or London based office anytime!)

About the role and you

As a Senior Software Engineer at Clock you’ll have all the skills you need to work on a variety of projects for clients in different industries. We don’t need people with specific industry knowledge, but with a willingness to learn and build cool tech.

  • You can work with difficult requirements and technical challenges.
  • You understand what the right tool for the right job is and are comfortable jumping from language to language, framework to framework.
  • You can help clients by distilling their wants into sensibly sized deliverables.
  • You can communicate and estimate these requirements to anyone else in the business well.
  • Not only can you build complex multi domain features with the best technologies, but you also know how to deploy and maintain them.
  • You have an understanding of devops (cloud, monitoring, infrastructure as code) is a must, but you don’t need to be an expert.
  • You are a fast learner. We often venture into unknown territory so you should be a Google master and have experience-driven intuition.
  • You enjoy solving problems yourself and like working in a "get stuff done" environment. We're a small team and we all generally just get on with things in a fairly autonomous manner.
  • You have good written and verbal communication skills and are comfortable interacting directly with end-users.
  • You’re a hardcore Full-stack Developer with Tech Lead capabilities and a passion for delivering solutions that solves our clients problem.
  • You have a desire to take on challenges and leverage new technologies.
  • You have very high development standards, especially for code quality, code reviews, unit testing, continuous integration and deployment.

Tech stack

Some clients have ever changing requirements and are looking towards building out an entire software estate with us, whereas some are just looking to release their first mobile app. This means the tech stacks we work with can vary a lot. Our go to is full stack TypeScript. On the frontend it’s React (React Native for mobile) and on the backend we opt for Node.js. AWS is our cloud provider of choice, and Git and GitHub are how we version control our code. You should be familiar with these and know how to keep up to date with what the current best practices are in the industry.

Company Benefits

  • Equipment of your choice (half of us use Linux, the other half use Mac, while one of us uses Windows 11)
  • We finish at 2pm on Fridays
  • Birthday is a free holiday
  • Profit share bonus annually
  • Remote and flexible working hours
  •

Interview Process

  • Our HR team will conduct an initial conversation to check your eligibility, this may well be through Cord
  • You will have a technical interview, this will be with one of our tech leads, and may be more frontend or backend focused depending on your skillset
  • You will have a 30 minute chat with the CTO
  • You may be invited to have a conversation with the CEO

All of the interviews can be conducted remotely, in person or a hybrid of the two depending on what you prefer. Some may be conducted back-to-back to save time.

If you have any specific requirements in terms of your application, please let us know. We particularly want to ensure that any neurodivergent candidates feel comfortable asking for any flex to support them during the whole process. We will do whatever it takes to ensure an equitable experience for our future team members.

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