Little Book Of Benefits

When you think about it, Clock is nothing but the mad-skills and dedication of a smart bunch of people. So it’s vital that we take care of our team.

Luckily, we’re small enough to take a personal interest in individual needs, but large enough to offer great benefits and career opportunities. This little book lists some of the stuff our employees benefit from, over and above their basic salaries.
..Or Come Into The Office
But if you crave company, you can always work at our dog-friendly office. A fully stocked kitchen and a warm welcome await.
...Or Work Abroad
After you’ve worked for us for two years, we can talk about the possibilities and practicalities of you working even more remotely. As long as it doesn’t impact your work and productivity, you can live on a beach in Tahiti, and we’ll try to limit the times you have to come to the office to twice a year.
Finish Early On Fridays
Get that ‘Friday Feeling’ and make the most of your weekend. We always try to wrap up proceedings by 2pm.
Take A Break At Christmas
We also try to take a paid break between Christmas and New Year. That’s three extra days paid holiday. Just keep one eye out for urgent deliverables and emergencies.
Half-Day Holiday On Your Birthday
We give you a half-day paid holiday to enjoy your birthday. Either take time to unwrap your presents in the morning, or wrap up early and drown your sorrows.
Give Back To The Community & The Planet
Every employee can spend a couple of paid days a year helping out in their local community, or volunteering for a charity or non-profit.
Follow Your Dreams (Career Break)
This might come as a surprise, but life isn’t just about work. Personal fulfilment is also important. After two years with us you can apply for a career break or sabbatical so that you can learn new things, or go off and explore the world.
5% Pension Match
We want to help you plan for a super-exciting retirement. So we offer everyone the opportunity to join our Group Personal Pension Scheme. We’ll match your contribution up to 5%.
Free Mobile Phone
Phone looking worse for wear? Every year you’ll accrue £400 towards a brand-new handset. We can also add you to the company SIM-only contract, at no expense to you.
Become A Bookworm
If there’s an interesting book that you think will help you with your work we’ll buy it for you. Actually, if it’s really that good, we’ll also get one for the ‘Clock Lending Library’.
Recommend A Friend
If you know someone who’d be interested in an internal vacancy then let us know. If your candidate is successful and completes their probationary period, you’ll receive £2,000 for a senior placement, or £1,000 for all other placements.
Recommend Us
If you know of a potential business that could benefit from Clock’s expertise, let us know, and you can earn up to 5% commission on the first invoice.
Love And Support
Life can be tough. Work can be tough. Combining both can at times be really tough. Clock has an ‘Employee Assistance Programme’ designed to help you deal with personal and professional problems that could be affecting your home life or work life, health and general well-being.
Parental Leave
Nothing in life is more rewarding than having kids. Until they start crying. But hey, it’s too late now - you’d better make the most of it. We give new mothers 6 months paid leave, and up to 6 months more on half pay. Fathers have 2 weeks paid leave, and can add up to 2 weeks from their holiday allowance.
Extended Parental Leave
Clock supports the unique needs of premature babies and their families. We have pledged commitment to The Smallest Things “Employer with Heart” charter, and extend parental leave for employees of babies born prematurely.
A Little Box Of Extras!
Clock has also teamed up with Perkbox, to provide employees with a smörgåsbord of points-based benefits, on top of what we’ve listed here. Perkbox is a pick n mix of over 1,000 perks and benefits, exchanged for points that you accrue each month. There’s something to suit everyone’s taste. All kinds of stuff, and not just... mmmm... donuts...