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Our client is a Crypto start up that relies on us for technical build and development of large chunks of their new product offerings. To facilitate this, we have placed a full-time graphics designer on the project, but they need additional help as there are multiple items to be completed in a short space of time. This would involve:

  • Figma Photoshop and other creative cloud tools to assist in designing UI
  • Ad-hoc graphics for social media, merchandise, and other items.
  • Conceptualise visuals based on requirements
  • Amend designs after feedback
  • Creating graphics including illustrations, logos, layouts and photos

We are happy for you to get a walkthrough with our creative director of the current material as well as what we expect the output to be over the next week or two, however this is a subject to change.

You would be paid on a day rate basis.  If this is a successful engagement, we would be happy to continue working with you on other projects however, initially we expect this to be a two-week project although it has the potential to be substantially more.

About You

We would ideally like to work with a flexible creative who understands the tools and can take a clear set a branding guideline and convert them into usable designs.

What do we do?

Clock is a global technology and innovation company. We make really imaginative digital stuff, for ambitious clients who expect more from technology.      

We’re not tied to a particular tech or platform - instead we let client objectives and behavioural insight lead us to the best solution. Then we custom build it. We’re both thinkers and doers - behavioural scientists, creative strategists, and passionate engineers, who know how to build robust, reliable tech, across multiple platforms, and deliver great results.

Fiercely independent since 1997, we work across a broad range of industries, including global publishing, entertainment, and video game brands. We also design, develop, and build our own products. As the line blurs between digital and reality, our solutions shape businesses for the future, and change peoples' lives for the better.

Our clients are global, and so is our team.

If you have any specific requirements in terms of your application, please let us know. We particularly want to ensure that any neurodivergent candidates feel comfortable asking for any flex to support them during the whole process. We will do whatever it takes to ensure an equitable experience for our future team members.

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