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Beth Gavin

ekte, [eck-ter], is a genuine and caring IT company working with hundreds of schools - providing simple, smart and effective technology solutions for a whole host of digital challenges in the classroom.

Following a recent UK gov £150M funding scheme, ekte decided to invest in a brand new, unordinary website.

ekte (Exceptionally Knowledgeable Technology Expert) wanted to upgrade their old-school website, ready to target the education sector for phase one.

As Clock’s favourite subject, It was time to revamp the website, keeping education at its core whilst showcasing the heart and soul of the services on offer.

The Assignment

ekte pride themselves in providing all the super services schools need, even giving lessons to under-resourced teachers with their knowledge and problem facing issues unlike their competitors - saving the teachers time and maximising the return in value.  

With this in mind, Clock made the decision to take ekte out of the typical IT company littered-with-technical-jargon comfort zone, and take a playful, superhero approach, not just with the look and feel, but with new content to be used throughout in the form of rewritten copy, abstract superhero illustrations and a video animation.

Top Marks

After a brilliant kick-off meeting with the super ekte team, Clock wasted no time at all in setting out to design and develop a lighthearted, fun, but still professional website - refreshing the existing brand assets that would allow specifically for the use of social media marketing.

Clock ensured the business objectives were at the forefront of the designs:

  • Super simple to navigate
  • Leading homepage
  • Bold and bright
  • Clear call-to-actions to help generate new business enquiries
  • Appear as a trusted IT Support partner

Built in Webflow (a software for website building and hosting), ekte can easily manage and update their content, and add new section pages in future should they need to.

Report Card

Schools may be out for the last year of term, but when they return, ekte will be ready to expand their business with the delivery of a new engaging website, whilst continuing to develop their brand and adapt the site in the near future to extend their reach to corporate businesses.

"Clock have been extremely helpful in developing the concept, design and content of our new website.  We were looking for something different, most of our competitors web sites are very ‘samey’ boring old and blue – we are great, we are reliable, we have lots of accreditation but at ekte we wanted something to set us apart from the crowd.

Functioning IT is intrinsic to the education of all, but schools have minuscule budgets and are extremely time poor, whilst the government tries to help with well meaning but long and dreary documents on ICT best practices for schools, and advise documents on this that and the other,  which has created an environment where schools looking for help are presented with a bewildering array of options all saying more or less the same thing.

At ekte we like to do things differently, we meet with schools and speak to them in English and ‘Teacher’ but not IT gobbledegook, working with the schools we build a clear strategy to save them time, money and improve the efficiency of their already purchased IT equipment as well as helping the Teachers teach the curriculum – how to get this across on a web site is very difficult.

Which is where Clock came in with their unique ideas and technical know how to deliver against a tight budget, Clock have exceeded the brief of ‘making the web site a bit different’ and we are absolutely delighted with it." Matthew Holt – Co-founder and MD of ekte.

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