Our latest launch: Deliver My Times

April 25, 2022
On behalf of our longstanding and much-valued client, News UK, Clock has recently launched a new platform for The Times and Sunday Times, Deliver My Times.

Deliver My Times draws on the success of a previous site we developed called Deliver My Newspaper.

The aim of the platform: for a trial period, gives Scottish readers of The Times and The Sunday Times more reason to subscribe with the incentive of a free doorstep delivery service.

Using a slick, step-by-step process for the user, customers can search for their nearest home delivery newsagent and then simply register their details to sign-up to the offer.

The site, which has sophisticated integrations at the back-end with data centres and fulfilment partners, continues to help News UK leverage their existing relationship with the vast network of independent newsagents in Scotland. The site aims to fulfil the strategic goal of turning unknown customers into known ones, ultimately aiding their acquisition and retention strategies.

To find out more, get in touch with us.