Mission: Smiley Happy People

Rhiannon Bland
April 1, 2022
Here at Clock, we’re always looking to improve on everything we do.

In the words of our CTO, Paul Serby, “whatever we’re doing now, there’s probably a better way of doing it”. Whether it be the technology we use, our processes, or how our products look and feel, we strive to be awesome. Personally, as Front of House Ambassador, I don’t do any of that stuff though - I wouldn’t know where to start!

However, I guess it still applies to me… generally what I try to do is make everyone happy! From how welcome our clients feel when they walk in the door to the everyday office environment for our team here. And that is why I love my job so much. My main goal, in essence, is to: Make People Smile.
What a wonderful task to have everyday!

It is no small feat however…

So how do I bring the LOLs? I work closely with our Office Manager to create the best possible working environment for our team. This might simply be ensuring that the kitchen is always stocked full of goodies and that there’s always a good supply of loo roll (!) but we don’t stop there. Together we work hard to consistently surprise and delight the teams. We have been known to go a little crazy with the silly string on birthdays (it ruins keyboards FYI), we celebrate all work anniversaries too and we make sure seasonal events are always covered. Whether its a valentines card from the CEO or an advent calendar on every desk, we find any excuse to create those all-important smiles.  In a more literal, smiley sense, there’s always a ‘joke of the week’ up on the walls to give staff and guests a bit of a chuckle, or more likely an eye roll! Clock’s senior management team are AMAZING at offering extra benefits (who would say no to finishing at 2pm on a Friday!) but what I want to do is make Clock the best place to work in terms of atmosphere. And I truly believe it’s the little things we do that show that we really do care for each and every member of our team. And generally, we have a bunch of happy smiley people!

As well as my lovely colleagues, I also do my utmost to make sure guests and clients feel welcome from the second they arrive at Clock HQ. If I know that they will be driving in they will always have a reserved space out the front of our office

And we’re sure to check any dietary requirements prior to visits to check we don't offer anyone anything that’s not to their liking. Sounds obvious, but not every business does it.  

I know first hand how daunting it can be walking into a new office for the first time, so seeing a friendly face at the front desk immediately puts guests at ease. We will often give guests a tour of the office before getting them settled in their meeting with a hot drink. Depending on timings and agendas, we love providing breakfast, lunch or even an a la carte dinner!.  Plus, as I was a chef in a previous life, providing our own catering is not only cost effective, but it means I can get creative in the kitchen and tailor the meal to the guest’s tastes. Plus doesn’t home-cooked grub always taste that bit better?

Our staff appear to be super happy...and they do feedback regularly that that is the case! I absolutely love my job and I couldn’t ask for a better team to have around me who in turn, make me smile.  Putting a smile on people’s faces always makes me happy.

Now, I must go and find that whoopie cushion…

Written by Rhiannon Bland, Front of House Ambassador