Welcome to our Webby Award entry for the Mythical Society Entertainment Community Hub
The digital transformation comprises an amazing new Website & App that is already wowing Rhett and Link’s loyal 18.1 million fans. We hope that you love it, too!
In the first 72 Hours
What is the Mythical Society?
Mythical Society is the subscription service provided by Good Mythical Morning (GMM) - one of the top 100 YouTube channels in the world.
Mythical Society approached Clock because they had a website and app built by an agency provided through Memberful, a best-in-class membership software for independent creators, that was underperforming, broken in parts and generally not a good user experience for Mythical's super-engaged community.
Mythical Society’s community members can either be ‘free’ or one of several paid tiers with monthly or annual subscriptions.
As part of redevelopment of the website and app, Mythical Society’s goal was to move as many ‘free’ tier members to move up towards ‘tier 3’ as possible, with this as the primary goal for the website and app.
• Get users to install the app
• Get users to pay for the app
• Get users to pay more for the app
• Get users to buy merch as well as paying the most for the app
Why does this deserve a Webby?
We designed a seamless user experience targeted to a highly engaged community who consume content through various digital mediums:
• We followed best practices from YouTube to empower users to draw upon their mental model of discovering content through multiple pathways.
• The mobile app and web browser experiences are now uncanny!
Why does this deserve a Webby?
Technical Innovation is best in class:
• We built a YouTube clone with native mobile, tablet and web code, deploying the latest best-in-class technologies (NextJS, React Native, Payload) to deliver a unified user experience across platforms.
• We added Chromecast support on all platforms so community members can cast at ease - something they were very keen to achieve.
• A leading marketing automation and segmentation solution was put in place to enable the Mythical team to better target community users with content notifications.
• All platforms, including the app, integrate with external authentication providers to provide tiered membership access, the user journey is simple due to well-executed UX.
• We also implemented an external video hosting and control set.
Why does this deserve a Webby?
The overall experience of the new Mythical app and website has been game changing for the community.
With sleek design, simple navigation and clear content architecture, Mythical’s community members can easily find what the are looking for; be it the latest video content based on their membership level, be it to cast videos time and again, favourite posts, purchase merchandise, upgrade their membership, or simply to interact with other community members through Discord. 
The Evidence
• General engagement time on the platform is up +18.23% (keep scrolling for more results).
• Added carousel lists of groupings for a smoother user journey while exploring all that Mythical have to offer.
• Used a sticky side menu on desktop, and a pinned navigation bar (plus additional routes in hamburger menu) on mobile.
• We used a React Native component library inside of Figma for high-fidelity design. Each visual element throughout the platform now holds its appearance across all devices, and was optimised for specific devices where necessary. To help give the interface a YouTube feel with an added Mythical personality we have:
• Grouped content via Categories, Series, Membership Level.
• Implemented a well-overdue casting feature so members can enjoy watch videos on a larger second screen.

• Excellent admin and content-management workflow
ensures that needs of the Mythical Society content team are fulfilled and simplified

• Powered by auto-scaling infrastructure and cutting-edge devops on all platforms. What does that even mean? Well, no matter how many of Mythical's huge community engages or interacts on the website or app, the platforms can cope with the demand.

The App Results

Within 72hrs of Launch
+21k Users
31.69 Views per User (Avg +11.78%)
3m Average Engagement Time (Avg +18.23%)
+14k Installs
+1.1M Video Interactions
5-star reviews
The Mythical App launched on 6 February 2023.
But already has 5-star rating on Google Play and 4.6-star rating on the App Store from a total of 369  all time reviews.
This is what fans are saying.
Jesse Katawicz
"Looks so much nicer. Very organized, and I love the new cast feature!"
"The website and the app are both now updated! Oooh we finally got dat mobile casting feature 🎉"
"Wooot app logged in and looks great!"
"Stopping by to say I love the new app. Ease of use is so much better, great job to all who worked on it!"
"Had to hop on here quick to say beautiful job on the new app! I’m loving everything I’m seeing right now. Huge thanks👏🏼 I stayed up to 3am est just to see it, and it was well worth he wait 😁"
Check it out for yourself!