The Creator Economy


We’re helping some of the world’s most successful YouTubers to create highly lucrative subscription-based platforms, away from traditional social channels.

Why Create a Membership Platform?

The Opportunity To Make A Lot More Money

When momentum on YouTube starts to plateau, a membership platform is an excellent way to increase revenue, and further monetise your fanbase.

A Closer Connection With Fans

Your most loyal followers will pay a premium for a better brand experience, and exclusive content and offers, unconstrained by the YouTube platform and algorithms.

Your Platform, Your Data, Your Rules

Unlike YouTube, this is your business. You decide the pricing structure, what you publish, and what you sell. And you get to keep your money and data!

A Fully Custom Membership & Loyalty Solution for the Creator Economy.

Clock builds web & app-based platforms, that offer your fans exclusive content, events, competitions and merchandise in return for monthly micro-payments, on a tiered, free-to-premium, membership structure.

Unlike YouTube and other traditional social networks, it’s your platform - so you can offer fans whatever you like, and design it however you want. User data is yours to own, and you’re not governed by the revenue share models you find on other social platforms.

How Does It Work?

Clock will custom build a membership platform and user interface, tailored to your specific requirements, supported by transactional software and CMS.

This tried and tested approach is cheaper and more versatile than creating a custom product from scratch, with the ability to develop additional features and functionality over time.

We train your team to use the platform, and then provide a comprehensive support package of hosting, maintenance, 24/7 tech support.


What Results Can I Expect?

Results vary from one creator to another, but a YouTuber with 17M followers could expect over $4M profit within 3 years.

Mythical Society

Membership Platform

Clock collaborates with global Youtube giants

It all depends on the nature and quality of the content and products on the platform, your pricing model, and factors such as the level of promotion and production costs.

Memberful transaction fees are a fraction of the YouTube revenue split (at 4.9%), and YouTubers with over 10M followers could expect to recoup initial set-up costs within Year 1, even if membership is only $5 per month, and platform adoption as low as 0.25%.

Obviously client data is confidential, but our experience working with numerous YouTubers has enabled us to create a rough ‘Revenue Calculator’. Email for a projection based on your channel stats.