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We work with the global publishing, travel, and retail industries to engage, inspire and retain customers through class-leading membership and loyalty programs.

Why Membership & Loyalty?

For senior leaders in the publishing industry, developing Membership & Loyalty programs has become one of the most important revenue priorities. Most companies can increase revenue by 50% by increasing customer loyalty by only 5%, due to higher customer retention, a stickier brand connection, and increased customer acquisition and lifetime value.*

Study of Journalism, Reuters Institute
Frederick Reichheld
What we do

Clock designs and builds cost-effective yet full-featured loyalty platforms, tailored to the specific needs of each publishing client - backed by our best-in-class, wraparound support services.

Our custom platforms deliver everything you need to manage and monetise a Membership & Loyalty program.

Customers get an engaging, feature-rich membership experience on desktop and mobile - packed with exclusive content, offers, promotions, events and competitions.

Your team get a simple backend, with a raft of  functionality to manage your content and offers, capture data, and measure success.

And Clock is always on hand with 24/7 support, and a dedicated team to develop additional features and functionality.

How Does It Work?

Clock uses a framework of proprietary and open source software components to build custom loyalty platforms, tailored to our client’s specific needs. Our tried and tested approach is cheaper and more versatile than creating a custom product from scratch, with the ability to develop additional features and functionality over time.

We train your team to use the platform, and then provide a comprehensive support package of hosting, maintenance, 24/7 tech support.

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