Player Retention
and Re-engagement

We’re helping the world’s biggest video game franchises develop initiatives that increase player engagement as well as re-engage dormant players, while recruiting whole new audiences.

across all campaign activations
re-engaged to date
during a single activation

If the games industry was a monster before the global pandemic,it became a raid boss during lockdown.

As the number of players grew, so did the competition. Today, games publishers face growing challenges in terms of  the digital infrastructure required to support tournaments, and also engaging, retaining and monetising their player base. 

That’s where Clock makes a difference. We build robust campaign and engagement platforms that support global marketing initiatives - and generate $Millions of additional revenue.

We Understand the Challenges that are Unique to Gaming

Working with multiple global publishers means that Clock has a deep understanding of the key challenges faced by the industry.

How do you keep existing game fans engaged when their heads are continually turned, by the latest game releases from both big players and small independent publishers?

What happens when you start losing players or they start to play your game less frequently?

And how do you acquire new fans?

We Are Gamers That Work With Gamers

Supporting Super-Busy Teams

We know just how busy you guys are. So weseamlessly augment your team, adding additional skills and capabilities.

We enable you to do much more than is possible right now.

Rapid Prototyping & Testing

Do you have an idea that you want test, but don’t have the in-house capacity?

We rapidly prototype ideas to give to the confidence to implement them at global scale.

Activating Campaigns at Scale

We’re large enough to handle the biggest global launch, but small enough to care about your unique challenges.

When delivery and scale are critical - we’ll never let you down.

Twenty year's experience
working within the games industry

Work in Gaming

Some of our work

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League of Legends and Clock create legendary partnership

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