PortalOne: Building the World's First Hybrid Games Platform


PortalOne has introduced an exciting new category of entertainment that seamlessly mixes games with live shows embedded directly inside the games.

Established in 2019 and headquartered in Oslo, PortalOne has attracted significant interest from renowned gaming giants including Riot Games and Twitch.

PortalOne is changing the game (pun intended) using augmented reality (AR) technology to bring physical game elements to life in everyday digital experiences, creating a truly immersive gaming experience with rewarding interactions that transform virtual wins into real-world rewards.

In order to address their main obstacle of establishing a comprehensive hub for hybrid games that would captivate both existing and new guests, investors, industry influencers, potential IP partners, third-party publishers, and current and future employees, PortalOne joined forces with Clock.

Their initial iteration required a scalable platform that could accommodate future expansions as the start-up company grows, encompassing additional games, shows, and locations. It was crucial for the website to stay faithful to and mirror the extensive set of brand guidelines and visuals showcased in the popular PortalOne App.

Ellie Crocker, Communications Director: The new website represents our core values as a start-up gaming company with the software to support scalability. Overall, it was an absolute pleasure to work with Clock, and I'm grateful for their support and empathy during the time of the project!”

By designing and developing a highly informative and on-brand website, complemented by a versatile backend infrastructure, we have successfully assisted PortalOne to help achieve their goals not only for the next 12 months but also for the long-term. This strategic move has resulted in a substantial increase in their outreach, establishing them as the go-to destination for hybrid games.

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