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Back in 2017 we were asked by News UK to help build a digital platform to support a campaign to increase print sales of The Times and The Sun. Deliver My Newspaper was born, offering free home delivery of national newspapers countrywide.

5 easy steps...

Deliver My Newspaper is a platform that allows readers to select from a range of different national newspaper titles, including but not limited to those owned by News UK. In 5 easy steps, readers can enter their postcode on to find their nearest home delivery newsagent and receive vouchers for free delivery for a minimum of 6 weeks.


With scalability in mind during the build process and due to the huge success experienced by News UK with acquiring new and previously unknown customers, it wasn't long before other publishers were keen to join the platform and we now host over 20 national titles, from The Daily Mail and The Telegraph, to The Guardian and The i. Most recently we have added the national titles from Reach PLC's portfolio as well as a range of JPIMedia's regional newspapers, so there really is a title on offer for any taste, all delivered free directly to the home.

Readers simply search for their nearest home delivery newsagent via postcode look-up, select their chosen title/s and frequency and either print their vouchers at home or receive them in the post, to redeem against a minimum of 6 weeks free home delivery.

Our approach

Clock’s in-house creative and UX team created a clean and responsive website that houses multiple brands and has a slick step-by-step process for the user. A sophisticated and secure backend system facilitates integrations via API feeds with News UK and its data centre, as well as with the individual voucher fulfilment partners. Tracking and an automated reporting system ensures that all parties are kept regularly up-to-date with site usage and sign-ups.

Continued success

In recent times when home news delivery has become even more vital to the UK, there have been significant marketing efforts, with the site being heavily promoted through publisher media channels, including national TV and radio. As a consequence, Deliver My Newspaper has experienced unprecedented acquisition spikes in otherwise unsettling times for the industry. In one week alone amid the COVID-19 crisis, we saw a 5,000% increase in page views and a 48,000% increase in week-on-week conversions, an unparalleled response that surpassed everyone's expectations and one that the stable backend infrastructure of the site was able to serve seamlessly.

Getting to know customers

Not only has Clock helped News UK to leverage their existing relationship with the vast network of independent newsagents across the UK, we have assisted other publishers with their HND efforts. Previously unknown customers are now becoming known audiences, ultimately aiding publishers with their longer-term acquisition and retention strategies.

Take a look at the platform for yourself:

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