A clear User Experience for Health Insurance Innovations

Health Insurance Innovations
Health Insurance Innovations
Health Insurance Innovations are a US technology platform, based in Florida, that connect health insurance agents with innovative insurance products to quote from and enroll clients in.

The Challenge

The client needed a completely redesigned website, and the challenge was to clearly differentiate their services between two main customer groups, Agents and Consumers, so it needed to work as a B2B product as well as an information portal for consumers.

The Solution

Clock redesigned and built the front-end of the new site with a goal to drive customer engagement, so we needed to carefully plan the site architecture and the user journeys to cater for two different audiences. The result is a crisp and clean looking website with separate consumer and agent portals, and of course Clock’s responsive design means the site is now beautifully optimised across all devices.

Take a look at the finished site https://www.hiiquote.com/

Results Driven!

Valuable KPIs were set and agreed with Health Insurance Innovations prior to going live - not only did Clock help to achieve their strategic goals within the first month of launch, but metrics have been exceeded, resulting in a very successful project.

☑️ Increase Blog traffic by 100% in the first month - Up 244%
☑️ Increase Social traffic by 100% in first month - Up 127%
☑️ Maintain top two spots in SERP SEO - Gained 5 Top Spots
☑️ Increase site sessions by 20% by Q2 - Exceeded
☑️ Increase consumer leads by 10% in 90 days - Achieved
☑️ Decrease load times by at least 20% - Achieved
☑️ W3C validation: Decrease errors by at least 50% - Achieved
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