The Wall Street Journal and Clock bring digital strategy to subscribers

Dow Jones
Dow Jones
Publishing and financial information giant Dow Jones wanted to create a brand new, premium membership experience for their Wall Street Journal readership. The team needed a digital partner to create a comprehensive digital strategy to both reward and attract WSJ subscribers. Commissioning Clock brought intuitive design as well as unrivalled loyalty platform experience.

Not just a membership platform . . .

Dow Jones needed more than just a loyalty platform. They wanted their site to be a destination experience, providing a visually appealing and well thought out design. This would showcase their calendar of exclusive events and enticing hand-picked offers. Their members have wide-ranging and high level interests, so they wanted world class experiences to sufficiently satisfy those needs.

WSJ+ is born

Clock only had a short turn-around to deliver a demanding brief.  The experienced team pooled creative and technical know-how to deliver:

  • An articulate, comprehensive digital strategy
  • A beautifully crafted site bringing content from the journal to life
  • A platform showcasing editors and guests giving talks and chairing discussions on topics from business to finance, art to lifestyle.
  • A loyalty platform offering premium experiences and exclusive competition prizes
  • A fully responsive digital destination site

The outcome was testament to the detailed strategy put in place from the outset.

The numbers speak for themselves..

Globally the platform serves over 400,000 WSJ+ members and since its launch in 2014, has seen nearly 9 million page views and 7.6 million users!

You can see the superb WSJ+ platform on:

We're super proud of it.

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