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Contagious is the resource for the creative marketing industry - a provider of information, events and consultancy for marketers seeking a competitive edge.

As part of an ambitious plan, the previous, antiquated website needed reinvigorating with an emphasis on creativity, brand proposition and lead generation. Clock were asked to rethink the classic B2B website.

What the new platform aims to solve

Three clear goals were identified for the new Contagious website:

  1. Differentiate and elevate Contagious within its competitor landscape
  2. Clearly articulate the Contagious value proposition
  3. Generate leads and sales of Contagious products and services

Designing and building a website to remedy all ails!

With creativity at the core of the Contagious DNA, it was clear that a close relationship between the design teams at Clock and Contagious was necessary. Understanding the Contagious brand, and positioning it clearly on the new website was key to a successful outcome. In our discovery phase, two key words were identified as guiding principles for the project: “clarity” and “curiosity”.

The balance between design and usability

The distinct brand logo with angled lines became the hook on which key elements of the design were hung. From the disappearing logo that turns into the navigation icon on the homepage, to the call-to-action buttons that clearly lead to the purchase of products and services, we aimed to make user interactions interesting and fun. Front-end styling and movement awaken the user’s curiosity just enough to generate interest without overloading them with unnecessary interactions and motions.

Responsive on all devices, the new Contagious website offers slightly different experiences depending on the version the user is looking at. For example, the desktop version of the website allows for a certain amount of expression. The tablet and mobile versions however are designed with more succinctness, the emphasis being on ensuring the Contagious proposition is doubly clear and concise - with super fast loading pages.

Powered for flexibility

Whilst the user-facing part of the website serves the commercial purpose of the business, Clock’s simple to use Content Management System gives the Contagious marketing and editorial teams great flexibility to publish and edit the platform independently so that they can quickly maintain its relevance at the drop of a hat. Added integrations with Stripe for payment, as well as with chatbot and marketing technology providers, Drift and Hubspot, ensure the sales and marketing teams can track any and all leads generated through the new website.

“Contagious is not a conventional business, even though we do work with some of the biggest brands in the world. Our mission to put creativity at the heart of great advertising meant that our B2B website needed to be inspiring but informative, creative but concise, fun but fit for purpose. In Clock we found the perfect partner to work with us as we set out to create a website that represented our brand and values but also did the business – literally. The Clock team delivered on their contracted commitments, and so much more! We now have a sector leading website and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can work on next together.”
Karl Marsden, CEO, Contagious

A cure for Contagious?

A highly collaborative approach from both teams has resulted in a unique website that reflects both the brand and the ambitions of Contagious. Since the launch of the site back in October 2018, we have seen huge spikes in customer engagement, including a 65% increase in the total number of users visiting the site, as well as a 59% increase in page views.

So if you or your team are in need of some creative tips and inspo, look no further! You can check out the website for yourself here:

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