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Metro launch new app for sharing news on-the-go


The team at leading media brand Metro needed to update their mobile app. Their current app replicated the newspaper style – making reading on mobile devices difficult. They knew they needed an app which would be intuitive, streamlined and most importantly could be shared. When the opportunity came to evaluate how their app could be improved, they jumped on the solution provided by Clock.

Meeting the demands of a digital generation

Partnering with Kaldor and mobile publishing platform Pugpig, Clock’s expertise in digital strategy, and user experience design was put into action. The challenge presented by Metro was that the current app wasn’t suited to the growing demands of their readership. They needed an app which would not only give improved reader experience, but would also allow those who didn’t have the app to access the content too. The design needed to be instinctive and yet easily adaptable for putting breaking news out quickly and easily.


Metro responds to their readership with Clock

The app solution provided by Clock has provided Metro with:

  • A flexible and adaptable platform for releasing editions quicker than ever
  • Multiple options for varying the look of each feature
  • A page for each article for a streamlined and easy reading experience
  • A url for each feature so that articles could be easily shared with non-app users
  • A fresh appealing design to appeal to their audience

Ultimately Metro chose Clock because their team understood what they wanted to achieve. Metro knew they could deliver the practical solution. But it was Clock’s willingness to provide a driving force behind the ideas too which really gave them the added value. Metro were thrilled with the result and so were the readers.

The App

If you want to take a look at the app, download it for free here for iOS or Android.