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Clock the Caterlyst to improving the user experience of in-field sales app


Caterlyst is a CRM provider for the foodservice industry, providing customers with a database of 400k foodservice and convenience outlets. Caterlyst’s customers use this database to manage their sales pipeline as well as to access market analysis, news and information. They sought the expertise of Clock to greatly improve the design and user experience of their existing in-field sales representatives app.

In-field research

Catering for two specific user groups, the existing app was serving its audience adequately, however, Clock’s mission was to vastly improve the user experience.

First things first, our design/UX lead Dan, took to the road, shadowing a Sales Representative, Kelly from Rollover Hotdogs to grasp the full extent of their day-to-day activities. The aim was to define how we could adapt the UX process to facilitate and optimise the job of the sales representative.

The discovery phase allowed us to identify three key areas that required improvement;

  • The check-in process - This has been reworked to enchance the flow and reduce user error on database updates - a business critical element, as a lot of the information is maintained through crowd-sourcing their clients.
  • Task completion - New UX features were added to help the sales reps complete their tasks more quickly and efficiently as well as give a broader, more detailed understanding of their potential prospects.
  • Information and communications - We tightened up and refined the overall usability such as the way the app communicates and displays information to the user.


UX samples

Working closely with the Caterlyst team by involving them regularly with our design and UX thinking, we helped to deliver the UX and designs for all key pages, together with a style guide that allowed their internal development team to simply put the app together.

An advanced version of the app suitable for senior managers will be available soon...