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Charity begins at home: Reimagining the HAD vision

Hertfordshire Action on Disability

Local charity, HAD, were looking for more than just a website; they wanted to create an online platform with a purpose.

Hertfordshire Action on Disability (HAD) has worked tirelessly for over 60 years to deliver first-hand support to their disabled and elderly customers, enabling them to lead a life that is as independent and mobile as possible.

Faced with a significant cut to funding and, consequently, to the services they could offer, HAD were searching for a way to revive their website. The primary aim was to reach new audiences and facilitate online payments and donations, in order to provide the charity with enough financial stability to continue supporting their customers during this particularly turbulent time.

Clock has previously worked with a number of charities, including a long-term partnership with The Prince's Trust. Our CEO, Syd Nadim, also has a longstanding personal relationship with the HAD team who helped his late mother with her disabilities, so we were delighted to be asked to play a part in their new vision.

One size doesn’t fit all

A need was identified to find an appropriate approach that would mean both HAD and Clock could facilitate the project within the allocated timeframe and budget. Collectively, it was agreed that Wordpress would be the most suitable platform to cater for the charity’s needs.

Clock subsequently sourced a visual theme in line with HAD’s requirements and vision for a cleaner, more connected user experience. Our design team, with years of experience in UX and UI, carried out an initial content audit with a focus on bringing HAD’s key messages to the foreground and ensuring the site was easy to navigate. We then worked up the necessary page infrastructures to allow HAD complete autonomy and freedom to add and curate content as required.


Product page

Raising the funds

Despite the fact that the charity relies heavily on the arbitrary generosity of individuals, there was a distinct lack of any ‘Donate’ button across the platform, forcing customers to trawl through the site in order to find out how to offer financial support.

HAD also encountered issues around the e-commerce functionality, which wasn’t working reliably. Whilst some limitations relating to shipping have meant that HAD are not presently in a position to launch their online Equipment Centre, we have configured online payments to ensure that the team have the autonomy to enable this feature at any point in the future, to equip them with additional support avenues.


mobile pages

Dedicated to the cause

The overall look and feel of the new website lends itself to a premium, more sophisticated user experience which immediately distinguishes the various strands of the charity as well as its key messages.

Content has been drastically stripped back from the previously copy-heavy homepage, restricting this to an area of essential information for users. With this information and the presence of a site-wide ‘Donate’ button, customers are now able to perform most -  if not all - of their desired actions directly from this first page, presenting a much higher chance of interaction. No longer are they inundated with reams of text but instead, greeted with an array of images to signpost the different services, and in turn, allow them to instinctively navigate the site with ease.  

A new Volunteers section has also been brought to the foreground and can now be accessed directly from the homepage. With much clearer Call To Actions prompting user engagement, we hope that these enhancements will significantly boost both the financial and practical support the charity receives from the community.

‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’

We have really loved working with all of the HAD team and have relished the chance to support this local charity first-hand

To find out more about Hertfordshire Action on Disability or to see how you can support them, head over to their new site