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Attention, please! Magnetic launch first ever industry-wide campaign


Magnetic, the leading UK marketing agency for consumer magazine media, launched their first ever industry-wide campaign on 7 February, ‘Pay Attention’.

The main driving force behind the campaign was a desire to not only address but disprove the common perception in media today that magazines are an ineffective form of marketing and therefore unworthy of investment.  

For a campaign that champions the leading message ‘I Pay Less For More Attention’, the brief for the site was...well... to grab people’s attention! The challenge was therefore in building a site that was the right balance of exciting and vibrant, whilst remaining in line with Magnetic’s core branding.

Clock worked extremely closely with both the Magnetic team and their creative designers to ensure their collective vision was accurately translated on the front-end. The selection of colours meant the curation would require careful consideration to ensure that all content was enhanced, and at the same time, complementary. Given that the site relies on two bold colours (turquoise and purple), the end result is seemingly minimal yet surprisingly precise, to ensure no colour clashes throughout the site.


From the main magnetic.media site, users are guided to the new fully responsive campaign site. Once there, they can effortlessly sift through the key strands of research centered around the effectiveness of magazine media. These insight pieces are displayed in varying accessible formats - charts, stats, video, decks - with an aim to ignite and maintain high user engagement and interaction.

The aim was to create a largely simple yet effective site and, to reflect this, the user flows are deliberately uncomplicated and intuitive, resulting in a platform that is very easy to navigate. Subtle touches gently draw the user towards key information pieces and with seamless integrations of viewpoints and presentation decks, the user’s interest is piqued but their experience is not invaded by bulky call to action buttons.

All together this meant that on launch day 3,045 users and industry professionals  rushed to the site to see the unveiling. Magnetic hopes that this campaign will continue to evolve into a central hub of essential information for all marketeers wishing to make a solid case for magazine media in their current marketing strategies.

The campaign

Check the site out at: payattention.media​