Delivering a start-up IOT (Internet Of Things) app

Gearbox Records
Gearbox Records
Gearbox commissioned Clock to build a native app, a web service for track identification as well as the embedded code for the Internet connected IoT (Internet of Things) chip.

Gearbox Records is a vinyl led record label. Founded in 2009, Gearbox’s releases are sold around the world through a network of specialist record stores and through its own online music store. With vinyl sales at a 25 year high, they crowdfunded ‘The Gearbox Automatic’ - an auto-streaming plug&go hifi turntable with a small footprint, high quality components and a vacuum tube tone.

Gearbox commissioned Clock to:

  1. build a native app
  2. build a web service for track identification
  3. write the embedded code for the Internet connected IoT (Internet of Things) chip.

The goal was for Gearbox Automatic users to be able to connect their turntable to the internet using a companion mobile app.

Clock built a simple app solution. When a record is played, the mobile app identifies the audio and the user receives a push notification with the track metadata. The user can then click on the track to add to a Spotify playlist or view their playing history.  

Unlike Shazzam detection, it is always on so you never miss a track or have to faff about getting your phone out of your pocket as you are sitting on the sofa enjoying your vinyl collection.


Connecting an IoT device to a home WIFI in a intuitive way is complex. Clock however successfully delivered a highly intuitive low cost companion app, adding that extra piece of value for a revolutionary new music product.

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