Urbano: What’s On App

We have just launched a new app to add to our mobile credentials for yet another top publishing client, DC Thomson.

Clock were commissioned to design and deliver a What’s On style native app called “Urbano” for DC Thomson, giving users access to top editorial secrets around Aberdeen city.

Upon downloading Urbano, the user will first be asked to select a mood or category, based on what they fancy doing, e.g. ‘fancy a bite to eat?” or “need some inspiration?”. Once selected, users will be taken to a listing of results of what’s on in Aberdeen under that category. As well as standard venue or event details, the user will be able to ‘call to book’ and read editor reviews, which will be incorporated into each venue’s listing. In addition there will be a special offers section to the app offering users exclusive treats and rewards across the city.

So what makes Urbano so special? Well, it’s all about the content…

A team of editors will be the ones selecting these hidden gems of the city for their readers and users. You won’t find endless listings of restaurant chains and national coffee houses. Instead, as well as those, still valuable offers, editors will carefully select and curate their personal tips and favourites of what to do in and around Aberdeen - the city they write for. And who better to let you know those hidden gems of the city than the editors and contributors of its largest, daily, goto newspaper.

Content is always key when it comes to a successful app, or any digital product for that matter. Urbano offers Aberdeen’s people, and its visitors, tips on the best places to go all in a slick, modern, cool app.

Urbano is free and available to everybody on the Apple Appstore and Google Play.

Sound Interesting?

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