European site for League of Legends esports

Esports – competitive video gaming – is on the rise. It now has a thriving professional scene, with players and teams sponsored by global corporations such as Coca Cola and Samsung, specifically in Korea. Live battles are streamed online with huge viewing figures, and audiences are extremely engaged and hungry for content.

Video games publisher Riot Games asked Clock to design and build a new site for the European arm of League of Legends (LoL). LoL is one of the leaders in eSports: the world championship in 2015 attracted 36 million online viewers and sold out arenas across Europe.

Riot Games were looking for a multilingual site – launching initially in French, German, Spanish and Polish – that delivered a world­class experience for followers of the European League of Legends professional teams. The goal was for the site to showcase new players coming into the competitive arena, and to inspire fans with compelling local content. Fans being fans, they would consume as much content as possible, from game news and video coverage to league tables and statistics.

Given the target audience of naturally vocal digital natives, Clock’s high level of knowledge and experience was vital in developing the site design. Clock ensured that the site reflected the fans’ passion for eSports, as well as delivering on the user experience side of things by making sure users could easily find the content they were after. We also incorporated neat little touches, such as the facility to show or hide game results before the user catches up on any streamed games they may have missed.

Behind the scenes, the Rioters are the ones populating the site with great content, so Clock’s development team built a bespoke CMS that has vastly improved and streamlined the workflows of the global content editors.

With more developments in store for the coming months, we are extremely excited to be working with another giant of the gaming world.

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