Why Scrum simply works

After a few projects using Scrum, it becomes fairly easy to understand why Scrum works so well. Scrum is not the secret ingredient for success but it does certainly help us to achieve better results on our projects.

Here are a few reasons why Scrum works:

1) Emphasis on communication.

Scrum promotes communication between our project team members, as well as between our clients and us. It also promotes a good team work attitude.

2) Quick results.

On average, a couple of iterations (sprints) is sufficient to show a working product to the client. This way, we get early feedback which helps shape the work ahead.

3) Focus on what is important.

Since all the items are prioritised based on their business value, no time is wasted developing what is not important.

4) Fair time estimates.

Since the production team is involved in the estimating of the Product Backlog cards, the overall time estimate is fair and square (accurate).

5) Self organisation.

The production team is a self-organised unit that works to reach the Sprint Goal on time. A mix of skill sets and skill levels are often ideal to promote a continuous work flow. The ideal Scrum team formation is a subject for another post.

6) Transparency.

Scrum promotes transparency: the client knows what is going to be delivered in the sprint, since he/she has prioritised the Product Backlog. There is also a great deal of transparency within the production team during the Sprint. The entire sprint backlog is available to all team members.

These are the reasons why Scrum works so well for us. Don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to know more about Agile and Scrum.

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