The New News Retail Plus

The New News Retail Plus

So, it's been a while in the making but we have launched the new online hub for retailers of The Sun, The Times & Sunday Times, ‘News Retail Plus’. It's a place for newsagents to explore features created specifically to help increase their newspaper sales. It also showcases work from retailers who are 'Category Champions' and leading the way for newspaper sales of the future.

Working closely with Greg Deacon (Head of Retail Trade Marketing) from News UK, we redesigned the existing ‘Retail+’ site, to create a site that provided a gateway between publisher and newsagent, making life easier for those independent retailers selling News UK publications.

The new site serves as a portal for retailers, catering for those who receive a newspaper delivery directly from News UK, within the M25, as well as for those who are serviced by one of News UK’s wholesale partners. The site has handy features for the retailers including distribution updates; a dedicated help centre; real-time sales data; category management advice; a profit calculator tool and even includes a 'Paperboy' style game to encourage a bit of fun and competition. 

The new fully-responsive, feature-rich website is fully integrated with live News UK sales data, and renders as perfectly on mobile and tablet as it does on desktop. We wanted to allow users access to important information quickly and easily and the result is a clean, easy-to-use solution, suiting the needs of both end-user and our client.

In addition to the redesign,  we built a new CMS to enable administrators and editors to populate the site with great looking content, curate their own newsletters and manage the users. 

Another job well done for News UK and Clock. 


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26 May 2016

How to stop your customers' data being stolen

If we, as an industry, take anything from the data leaks at TalkTalk, British Gas and Morrisons, it should be that we must take every measure we can to secure customer data. Offering customers a more personalised experience means providing an environment where they are confident that the information they provide will be safe. Collecting and storing customer data and finding out more about your users is key to generating leads and gaining customer insight. But in the rush to get campaigns out the door and find affordable ways to create your digital products, ensuring third parties don’t risk your customers’ privacy and your reputations can be overlooked.

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16 May 2016

How to build, test, share and publish a javascript Hybrid mobile application using Cordova

Mobile Applications (Apps) are something every developer wants to create, however, not every developer wants to have to learn multiple languages to be able to create an App which works across different types of devices, such as Android and iOS. Learning Objective C (or Swift) and Java is probably enough to put most people off the idea of creating a cross-platform App. However, it’s possible to create one using technologies which most developers are familiar with. Good old HTML, CSS and JavaScript is all you need. Well, that and Apache Cordova, the mobile application development framework that allows you to build Apps for multiple platforms using a single code base.

26 April 2016

MongoDB Performance on ZFS and Linux

Here at Clock we love ZFS, and have been running it in production on our Linux file servers for several years. It provides us with numerous excellent features. With the recent release of Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 official support for ZFS is now here, and we are keen to integrate it fully into our next generation hosting stack.

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9 March 2016

A Simple Website in Node.js – 2016 Edition

Four years ago I wrote a post on how to build a simple website in Node.js. Seeing as it’s still the most popular article on this blog, I thought I’d take a look at how things have evolved, what I would do differently today, and some additional nuggets of advice.

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