Clock Week in Pictures 25/01/2013

Clock Week in Pictures 25/01/2013

It's been fairly quiet this week. Nonetheless we see some new wheels, some hardware hacking, the end of an era, and some dizzy heights!

Paul (our CTO by day, mountain-goat by night) takes a Luke and Francisco for a trip to the climbing wall to show them the ropes…

And Francisco practices his figure of eight knot for the climbing competence test…

Ben hacks his Raspberry Pi into an AirPlay device, so he can stream music wirelessly from his phone or computer anywhere in the house. Now to build some protective housing for those exposed components…

Vince took a final trip to Vicarage Road to see Saracens play, as they bid farewell before moving on to their new stadium in London – The Allianz arena…

And finally, Adam's mid-life crisis definitely does not arrive about 20 years early, as he casually acquires an understated and practical new motor…

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9 August 2016

Pokemon Go!

Whether you're a "goer" or not, this is a MUST read...

10 November 2015


Our culture here is intangible and something you’ll only understand by living or working in it, but that won’t stop me from trying to describe it to you.

6 November 2015

Clock - Happy 18th!

Close your eyes and take yourself back to November 1997. It was a very different time. Syd Nadim, founder and chairman of Clock was a mere 23-year-old lad with a dream.

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