Clock Week in Pictures 18/01/2013

Clock Week in Pictures 18/01/2013

This week's WIP is (as much of the UK is) primarily concerned with the weather. If you've forgotten what that transparent rectangle on your wall is for, then this week you're in for a treat.

To kick things off, five of us Clockers hit the slopes in Les Deux Alpes. Here we are snapped on Adam's GoPro at Pano Bar – 'Altitude Clubbing' at 2600m. Expect videos of slope action from the GoPro soon, after Adam has passed his PHP certification…

When we returned, as is to be expected, England was grey – exhibited by this snap, taken when the management team had a meet up on a crisp, wintery morning in Henley-on-Thames…

But Mother Nature had other ideas: this is the scene at the Old School House (a.k.a. Clock Towers) this morning…

Our CEO has the right idea though, as he glams it up in sunny Mexico, escaping the chilly greys and whites for a warming yellow hue…

Anyway, enough about the weather!

A big screen makes a subtle and camouflaged entrance to the studio…

Our resident Danish designer, Mikkel, awaits his final exam grade. He passed! Congratulations Mikkel…

After racking up a poor travel to sleep ratio, Mike invests in an Ostrich Pillow  – a revolutionary 'Powernap enviroment' (seriously, follow the link!)…

Remember Vince's happy injury from last time? Well it took this much wrapping up to prevent the flow and get it repaired. He's since had the bandaging off, but you don't want to see that photo. 

That's a wrap for this week folks. Enjoy the snow while it lasts!

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