Clock Week in Pictures 08/02/2013

Clock Week in Pictures 08/02/2013

Say goodbye to the WIP, as this is the last one! Don't fear though – it's not as bad as it sounds, we're just changing format slightly. After this week, we'll be aiming for a fortnightly frequency, but the slightly less restrictive moniker of 'Clock in Pictures' will allow us to proceed at whatever speed our pictures come in at. Now, let's recap on this week's action…

Two days of hacking gets work started on a curiously codenamed project…

Claire toured the university circuit to spread the word about our placement scheme. Speaking of which, if want to know more or think you've got what it takes, get in touch with us at

Vince spots a confusingly permissive sign during a mad dash through Heathrow Airport…

Syd literally hits the slopes in Söll for a stag week – pictured here shortly before a collision resulting in a cracked rib. D'oh…

Suspicious about the presence of mice in his house, Paul sets up a motion sensing infra-red camera to email him a picture when the little suspects visit. So far the camera's been unsuccessful, but here's a test shot of a tiny elephant setting it off…

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9 August 2016

Pokemon Go!

Whether you're a "goer" or not, this is a MUST read...

10 November 2015


Our culture here is intangible and something you’ll only understand by living or working in it, but that won’t stop me from trying to describe it to you.

6 November 2015

Clock - Happy 18th!

Close your eyes and take yourself back to November 1997. It was a very different time. Syd Nadim, founder and chairman of Clock was a mere 23-year-old lad with a dream.

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