Clock Week in Pictures 01/02/2013

Clock Week in Pictures 01/02/2013

A pinch and a punch for the first of the month, and welcome to February's first week in pictures! We've been busy putting in the groundwork for some big and exciting projects that will soon be on the production line, but we've still got a few extra-curricular pics to show.

The boardroom has seen many a meeting this week…

An office renovation looms and some materials turn up. The new office floor will most definitely be pink rubber…

Adam T, after years of Windows abuse finally gets his hands on a shiny new Mac. Great timing too, as it arrived on his birthday…

Rob, concerned his media armoury is decidedly lacking, has created a scheme to rectify this by 'volunteering' fellow colleagues to lend their personal personal favourites…

I'd like to borrow a DVD, CD or Book (or all 3) from your top favourites - I promise to take good care of it and return in working order! :)

And to achieve this, a state-of-the-art person selector device…

Tom G got accepted on the the LeapMotion developer programme. This week his device arrived, enabling him to wave his hands Harry Potter style at his Mac and have it actually respond (the lack of the LeapMotion didn't stop him trying before)…

Ben G got his hands on a Powerball to try to prevent the arm pump he gets while riding his trials bike. (It didn't stop him winning the clubman class last weekend though)…

Over and out!

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